About Me

Hon. John Odey


John Ogar Odey is a graduate of the University of Calabar, Nigeria. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Finance and Banking. After his graduation, he took employment in various private firms.

After an extensive experience in the private sector, Mr Odey delved into politics and before long he emerged as the Commissioner for Agriculture, Cross River State. In this capacity, he initiated a number of fundamental projects that formed the foundation of the success of Cross River as a State in the upbeat of development in Tourism, Peace, Wealth Generation and Agricultural Sectors today. Among vital projects initiated by him while he served as the Commissioner was forest conservation project through the stoppage of annual bush burning by farmers in the State. The Forest Conservation project formed the fulcrum on which the TINAPA project, a mega world acclaimed Tourist and Business Resort turns.

Also as the Commissioner for Agriculture, Odey initiated and mobilized the youths and farmers in Cross Rivers State to embark on the cultivation of bees to produce honey as a way of generating revenue and wealth. Today, the product is found in every top supermarket in Nigeria under the label, “Obudu delight”. It is a wholesome pure natural honey. Under the Tree crop Development Program, farmers were organised to plant improved oil palm seedlings, cashew, jathropha among other economic tree for weath creation.

Mr Odey left the Service of the State Government to become the National Spokesman of the ruling political party,  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in June 2005. He was in this position until he was nominated and inaugurated as the Minister of Information and Communications by President Umar Musa Yar’ Adua (GCFR) in May 2007.   In this portfolio, he enthroned government-people partnership in management of Nigeria’s image. He was redeployed to the Ministry of Environment, where he successfully created awareness about Environmental issues especially the crucial challenge of Climate Change